A rich heritage…

Isn’t it always a wonder “HOW” a legacy begins? The mystery of how the “renowned” Reddy’s Bakery came to be the success that it is today all began in 1969.

That it is the year that I, Mr Bala Reddy, the current proprietor of Reddy’s Bakery began my over 50 years of confectionery experience. In 1969, my father, Mr Rathanum Reddy and I were employed at C’est Si Bon Confectioneries which specialised in European Confectionery. I served a 6 year apprenticeship at Ces’t Si Bon during which time I acquired the required knowledge and experience with working with confectionery under the supervision of European Confectioneries, namely from Belgium and Austria…

At the end of my 6 years at C’est Si Bon, my father and I then established our very own bakery which we rightly coined “Reddy’s Bakery” and my two brothers then joined us after two years of operation.

In 1998, we welcomed the 3rd Generation into our bakery, when my eldest son, Mr Theo Reddy joined the bakery and henceforth acquired the necessary knowledge required to carry on the family business and that in itself heralded a new era which saw us relocating to our presesnt location of “85 on Field Street”.

Through hard work, determination and creativity Reddy’s Bakery became internationally recognised and the connoissiers of the of confectionery specialising in wedding and birthday cakes.

We have made remarkable cakes for a number of celebrities, prominent figures of government as well as a number of political parties. At what we feel was the height of our sucess was when we were invited to and duly baked the birthday cake for the most recognised statesman, political icon, revolutionary leader and father figure to all, the Former President of the Republic of South Africa, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.

We offer a wide variety of delactable daily lines such as freshly baked rolls, doughnuts, biscuits, tarts and delicious cream confectionery but our speciality lies in our exquisite, unique birthday and wedding cakes. We have taken the bakery into the mordern era while still giving every customer individual personal attention. We believe in client satisfaction as well as product quality and excellence.

Many people have technical knowledge of baking but for me personally, it is both a technical and a natural born talent to create masterpieces. Each client is unique and so too is each individual cake that we create, to their personal specification. We at Reddy’s Bakery believe in giving each individual cake personal attention from start to end. When I started the bakery since 1976, my objective was to create cakes for clients that showed quality, excellence and superb workmanship.

This objective was achieved, and it is still being being practised by my son and so it shall be till future generations and beyond. The real legacy that is being passed is trully the “Love for Confectionery” and showing this love through our masterpieces. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing the look of joy on the face of a satisfied client…