Anniversary Cakes

Baking since 1976!

We understand the "specialness" of that big day for you and your loved one. That is why time and again we do not spare a drop of enthusiasm when we bake your weding cakes. This is the main reason why we are KwaZulu Natal's first choice for wedding cakes and cake decorations for more than 3 decades!

Adding a bit of fun and joyful creativeness is simply a winner when it comes to modelling out wedding cakesm and some of our creations leave a very lasting impression long after the last crumb has been swallowed. We do all sizes of cakes and all flavours that are commonplace today and a whole lot more and that is why most of our customers keep coming back for more!

You can view more of our cake selections below or if you want to get the show on the road, you can click here to get in contact with us promptly.

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